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    Product Description
    The polymer composite crane pad produced by our company is made of polymer composite material, which is light weight, good toughness, strong compressive resistance, and oil and corrosion resistance. It is a kind of bending and continuous material, mainly the mat under the construction machinery leg.Leg support plate can effectively distribute the weight of the construction machinery itself and lifting weight to the area of the leg support plate to ensure the safety of the working environment of the construction machinery ground.The working environment of construction machinery ground is uncertain whether it is good or not. The use of our support leg pad can increase the friction between the pad and the contact point of the vehicle, greatly improve the safety factor, and effectively avoid the occurrence of bad accidents.
    The support crane pad is composed of the pad body and the handle rope, the handle rope is made of nylon material, the end of the handle rope is embedded in the pad body, so as to facilitate the delivery and arrangement.

    Product Function
    crane pad is mainly used in concrete pump trucks, cranes, cranes and other large machinery, to expand the pressure area or prevent the role of sliding tires.
    Product Superiority:
    1, special UHMWPE leg pad surface, to ensure the safe use of people and cranes
    2, good wear resistance, impact resistance, service life is higher than steel and wood pad.
    3, lower density and lighter weight than other materials, easy to use and move
    4. Excellent compressive performance can avoid ground damage caused by heavy load.The compression load is up to one million pounds.Up to 15,000 pounds per square foot
    5, good self-cleaning, temperature range: – 150 ° C to 85 °
    6, low water absorption, due to the changes in the humid environment will not change.
    7, wear resistance in the crown of plastic, nylon 66 and polytetrafluoroethylene than 4 times, than carbon steel 6 times;
    8, of plastic, the impact strength of PC 2 times, 5 times of ABS, and can keep under liquid nitrogen temperature (196 ℃) and high toughness;
    9. Self-lubricity is equivalent to teflon, and the friction coefficient is only 0.07-0.11;
    10. The absorption value of impact energy is the highest among all plastics, and the silencing effect is very good;
    11, chemical stability is very high, in a certain temperature and concentration range of resistance to a variety of corrosive media and organic media;
    12. Strong adhesion resistance, second only to ptfe;
    13, completely clean and non-toxic, can be used for contact with food and drugs;
    14. Excellent corrosion resistance, low friction coefficient, small specific gravity, good resistance to high energy radiation.
    Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene has stable chemical properties and can withstand the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive media and organic solvents within a certain temperature and concentration range.
    15. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is tasteless, non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive, and has physiological cycling and physiological adaptability.
    16. Non-adhesion;
    17, high density polyethylene molecular weight more than 500000, brittle temperature to 140 ℃.Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene can even under the effect of liquid nitrogen, its temperature can reach 269 ℃ below, there are still certain mechanical strength.
    Product Standard :
    other:5000*1300mm、 4500*2000mm、 3000*1500mm 、4700*1200mm、 3050*1220mm

    1. What is a crane pad?
    Crane pad is the cushion used to disperse the crane and cargo pressure under the crane support leg pad, generally divided into square, rectangular and circular support leg pad.
    2. What is the material of the crane pad?
    From the perspective of the development process of crane pad, it is generally divided into three stages:
    (1) only the supporting legs of the crane itself, without any external support
    (2) wood leg support plate
    (3) leg pads of engineering plastics
    3. Advantages of engineering plastic crane pad?
    (1) strong compression resistance, bearing capacity up to 200 tons
    (2) lightweight and portable
    (3) easy to process and add the company LOGO
    (4) customizable size and color
    4. Application site and vehicle of support crane pad?
    (1) cement pump truck, various types of cranes
    (2) sand and stone ground
    (3) construction vehicles, engineering groundOutrigger Pads suppliers

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